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Company Policy

The Management of EAGLES SERVICE Ltd has created this document to define and communicate, both internally and to its clients, the principles, intentions, objectives and strategies on which this Policy is based.
The main objective is undoubtedly the achievement of the utmost client satisfaction, by providing high-quality services and significant added value for the customer, offering affordable costs in relation to the competitive market and dutiful to the workplace safety regulations and customer demands.


The EAGLES SERVICE Ltd was born and operates within the merchant port facilities, providing services that complete and enable the transport of goods.
As part of the wider transfer of goods, amongst land and sea conveyances, we have chosen to specialize in a few yet significant stages of this process, confident that highly professionalism and the constant attention to client requests satisfaction can represent the added value of our services and that the extreme respect of the Health and Safety norms make our job vital for the Port activity in its complex. Throughout the ongoing pursuit for improvement, the enhancement of its resources, the attention to change, the capacity for innovation and adaptation, the Eagles Service aspires to become the leading company of the harbour general services, focusing mostly on the production phases tied to the lashing and unlashing activities.

Overall objectives

In its leadership role, the Management of EAGLES SERVICE Ltd recognizes the importance of a company administration that aims to excel in customer satisfaction and care of the health and safety at work to prevent injuries and work-related diseases of its employees. It has therefore defined, and maintained, an integrated management system aimed at ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of its performance related to the provision of its services, in compliance with all the required legislations, relevant to its activities and in line with the principles of sustainable development. This system complements and integrates with the other business management tools for achieving greater competitiveness in the market and an increasingly high added value for the activities and processes concerned.
The EAGLES SERVICE Ltd, in pursuing its activities, declares its commitment to:

  • Establish an integrated risk management system, Risk-based Thinking, that enables the organisation to determine risk factors that could lead to process deviations from ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 norms and to implement preventive controls to minimize the negative effects and to better seize the opportunities offered by the market anticipating the trends; a business organizational model able to provide services adequately in line with the mandatory regulations, contractual commitments and customers corporate policies;
  • Pursue and strengthen the identity of a dynamic company, attentive to the market, ready to grasp evolutions and changes, improvement-oriented, respectful of the rules, regulating every interaction with its customers and partners with the intent of creating value identifying existing and forthcoming needs for the success of the company, provision of a prompt service in agreement and in compliance with the commitments made;
  • Guarantee the legal conformity. During the working hours, using both internal resources and external professionals, the Eagles Service constantly monitors and certifies the compliance of the current regulatory requirements and all the internal procedures and regulations;
  • Improvement of its organizational and functional structure. Through the organization and simplification of its business processes, the Eagles Service’s aim is to further lower the bureaucracy levels and to increase the functional dynamism that characterizes it;
  • Full assistance to the customer to resolve criticalities and irregularities that could emerge in the provision phase, and posthumously, of the service;
  • A high level of procedural accuracy and integrity of the professionalities involved by carrying out research activities or providing services that always comply with the technical requirements, the procedures in use, the principles of ethics and sustainability;
  • Ensure the possibility of professional growth and training for all employees so to have a skilled, qualified, aware, competent and motivated personnel. The Eagles Service considers the enterprise’s human capital the main source of the competitive advantage and a vital aspect to value and to increase in order to gain its strategic objectives. For the Eagles Service it is important to continuously uphold and develop the human resources capital through training, improved skills, career progression, the quality of the working environment and its conditions thanks to the attention and dialogue between the employee and the company;
  • The commitment at all levels for creating the best conditions for employees and collaborators to achieve the goals set by the quality management system in order to align strategies, processes and resources for the achievements set by the company, the commitment to provide adequate resources necessary for the dissemination, contents’ management and implementation of the declaration and mannual prescriptions, company procedures and regulations;
  • Ensure the engagement of all resources in risk management and improvement processes;
  • Ensure equal opportunities for employees, regardless of their gender or nationality, with full respect for their political, religious, sexual and associative orientation, with a commitment to prevent and combat racist, sexist and offensive behaviour and attitudes to human and professional dignity;
  • Provide equipments and resources with the aim of monitoring suitable aspects related to facilities, implants, equipment and machines in order to prevent potential injuries of employees and collaborators and to prevent delaying service delivery, so that it creates a “healthy” work environment;
  • Encourage the improvement of the process’s effectiveness. The rise of the business processes efficiency is achieved through an accurate and continuous analysis of the relevant requirements, process indicators, and Company Policy through the active participation of all corporate levels with a view of constant improvement;
  • Review periodically its integrated policy, at least once a year, to verify its conformity in comparison to what was declared, with a view of constant and continuous improvement;
  • The commitment to ensure that this policy is understood, shared, implemented and pursued by all its employees and collaborators and at the same time disclose it with all stakeholders, through training meetings, indoor and website displays in order to ensure its understanding by all actors involved and interested in the activities and services offered by Eagles Service;
  • Absolute neutrality, autonomy and fairness in judgements to assure the highest impartiality of evaluation, transparency and rejection of any undue influence or interference on business activities.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives are defined in the annual review, through the definition of an improvement plan, and they are pursued in compliance with and through the application of a Quality Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and the Workplace Health and Safety ISO 45001:2018 Norm.